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CP1 Pump and JSJ2 Meter

PUMP:CP1, CP1A, CP1B combination pumps for fuel dispenser can also be used to transfer other gas-liquid mixture with the function of separation the air from gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc.. The pump is a collection of pumping, separation and transmission with advantage of reasonable and compact design, low noise, long working life, aluminum die casting, beautiful modeling.
METER:JSJ2 flowmeter adopts advanced technology of U.S. Bennett company, which can be widely used for different fuel dispensers. With advantage of high flow, long working life, high accuracy, firm structure, easy installation, etc., it can be the best choice of fuel dispenser component.
fuel dispenser parts, pump/meter/nozzle, 30year experience on fuel dispenser

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CP1 Pump and JSJ2 Meter 

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