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  In 1984
 Yongjia Heating and Power Equipment Factory was founded, beginning in developing and producing the relevant spare parts of fuel dispenser.
  In 1997
 Zhejiang Great Wall Machine Factory was founded, launching the products of vane pump and separator.
  In 1998
 Zhejiang Datian Machine Co., Ltd was founded, launching the products of JSJ series flowmeter and CP series combination pump.
  In 1999
 Shanghai Jiasong Machine Co., Ltd was founded.
  In 1999
 Shanghai Bennett Machine Co., Ltd was founded, joint ventured by Shanghai Jiasong Machine Co., Ltd and U.S. Bennett company, specialized in manufacturing CP1 combination pump, supplying for U.S. Bennett company.
  In 2000
 Automatic Nozzle
  In 2003
 JS series Fuel Dispenser
  In 2007
TCS series Volumetric Flowmeter
  In 2010
Zhejiang Jiasong Technology Co., Ltd was founded, mainly dealing with production of various petroleum equipments and relevant parts
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