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What is LPG Dispenser?


Mechanical LPG Dispenser :

These LPG Dispensers measure LPG by the help of mechanical gears on the top of volumetric meters. Becasue of  expensive spare parts, tempreature compensation and automation requirements of  todays market, their popularity


Electronic LPG Dispenser with Volumetric Meters :

Electronic LPG Dispensers are measuring volume by the help of shaft  encoder(pulser) units on the top of volumetric meters. Pulsers turn mechanicalmovements of meter into electonic pulses to register of dispensers. Registers processthese pulses so it can show volume on dispensers display as compansated or uncompansated accoding to Temperature&Presetted Density values.Dispenser  can also communicate to remote automation forcourt systems.


Electronic LPG Dispensers with Mass Flow Meters :

These dispensers are using Mass Flow Meters instead of volmetric meters&pulsers. Mass Flow meters are measuring mass and density of LPG using Coriolis Effect so dispensers can also show you mass,density and volume in reatime. This tehnology is the most powerful and accurate one in todays standarts but ofcourse comes with higher prices.

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